NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF COLOMBIA, Bogota, Colombia - Fine Arts degree with a major in Graphic Design

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Palo Alto, California - John S. Knight Fellowship affiliate


HUMAN BEHAVIOR PROJECT (Multimedia video-animations) was exhibited for one year in theCantor Museum of Art at the Stanford University, 2005-2006

RESIST NOT EVIL was Romero's first solo show. Expressed primarily in indian ink on paperand multi-media installation. 1310 Gallery, FT Lauderdale, 2009.

SUICIDAL CLUB IS LOOKING FOR… (Theatre Play) 5 actors on stage with multimediainteraction. Directed by Diego Romero. Miami Dade College, Wolson Auditorum, Miami, 2008.


-The Myth of Power, 1310 Gallery, FT Lauderdale, FL, October, 2010

-Fountain Fair, Art Basel, Miami, FL, December, 2009

-Breaking Ground, 1310 Gallery, FT Lauderdale, FL, April 2008

-Transformation, 1310 Gallery, FT Lauderdale, FL, September, 2008

-A Place To Call Home, HEAL project, Art At St. Johns, Miami, FL 2007

-The Field, 801 projects and Camposition Studio, Miami FL 2006/07

-Group Show, Art and Artists Gallery, Miami Beach, FL 2005