"Dream on" Animation Project for the Broward Center for the Performing Arts

About the "Dream on..." Project


Dream On from Diego Romero on Vimeo.

Creating the "Dream On" project is an honor as a visual artist and a theater lover. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is a place where dreams become reality and reality is transformed into a dream. When one is in the theatre and the show is on, it's a collective experience, and because the connection happens for a limited space in time, we desire to repeat it, so we come back; to dream again. In this way we are like lovers always longing for each other and always grateful for our return. Only when enough people passionately agree on a vision and act upon it does that vision become a reality, but it requires the dream to be big enough to be shared. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is a big dream that came true twenty years ago. A dream that came as a vision to create a space where free spirit and pure love collide, to repeat once again the daring flight. And the dream goes on, a pleasant, adventurous, sometimes challenging dream. As Calderón de La Barca wrote, Life is a Dream, and theatre is life, perhaps an illusion, definitely a mystery. It is never static, always flowing, morphing moment by moment into familiar and strange places and patterns. It is a shared communion, full of possibility and promise. Always, beyond our wildest dreams, we must "Dream On"!